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We are a groovy, little recording studio based in Sumperk, the Czech Republic. We have a mix of digital and analogue gear, 1 recording room, separate control room and weird spaces for room reverbs!

We can handle a regular sized band recording simultaneously and overdubs galore. Gear includes:

  • hand built nearfield monitors
  • all acoustic treatment from raw sheep’s wool and natural materials
  • digital/analogue recording desk with great on board fx and eq on every channel
  • sync to pc software/pro tools for more tracks and detailed editing
  • 8 mono analogue compressors plus 1 stereo in the rack
  • rack reverb and stereo enhancer
  • bunch of good mic’s, pre’s and the possibility of hiring more in at good rates
  • reclaimed wood used throughout
  • natural window light
  • keys and drum machines
  • drum kit
  • sampler and pc with pro tools, cubase, plug ins etc.
  • choice of several valve guitar amps
  • lots of lovely guitars
  • a selection of little toys, guitar effects and hand built noise makers
  • a sofa
  • experience and good ears!

If you are interested in recording a project with us, just let us know. The rates are very reasonable and negotiable depending on your project.


Milana Rastisl. Štefánika 318/1
787 01 Šumperk
Czech Republic
+420 730 596 626


Darren Eve
m +420 730 596 626