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Dawson Films


Initially Dawson Films was a film division of the Dawson Productions company which has been on the market since 1994.

In 2013, Dawson Films became a separate entity with a focus on the development and production of auteur film and television projects.

The Dawson team works extensively on production and co‐production of film projects, TV series and short films in cooperation with both Czech and foreign film directors.


Pštrossova 21
110 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic
+420 224 999 911


Monika Kristlová
(producer/managing director)
t +420 224 999 911
Vlastimil Kristl
t +420 224 999 911


PŘES PRSTY (dir. Petr Kolečko, Czech Republic/Slovak Republic, 2019)

ON THE ROOF (dir. Jiří Mádl, Czech Republic/Slovak Republic, 2018)

DECKNAME HOLEC (dir. Franz Novotny, Austria/Czech Republic, 2016)

10 PRAVIDEL JAK SBALIT HOLKU (dir. Karel Janák, Czech Republic, 2014)

TŘI SEZONY V PEKLE / 3 SEASONS IN HELL (dir. Tomáš Mašín, Czech Republic, 2008)


ČEZ (Czech Rep.), Kofola (Czech Rep.), Ferrero (France, Nintendo (France), Škoda auto (Czech Rep.), Fernet (Czech Rep.), Escada (France), VW Golf (France, Germany), O2 (Czech Rep.), Nespresso (France)