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Eklen Sounds


Sound based production for film and games. Providing location sound for motion picture projects. Recording individual sound effects and libraries for professional use. Creatively designing sound for most creative visuals, such as videogames, commercials, shorts and twitch. Multichannel audio mixing for film industry.

We use most natural methods for stunning audio contents, such as recording with true reverbations, capturing custom impulse responses and more.

  • Location sound (on location dialogue and sfx recording)
  • Creative sound design with custom recordings
  • Mix for TV, cinemas and internet
  • Spatial audio design / mixing for VR
  • Field recording for stereo/multichannel ambiences
  • Recording original sound effects for every project
  • Sound effects store at:



Czech Republic
+420 608 839 112


Marek Bert Fuchs
(CEO, sound design, SFX recording)
m +420 608 839 112
Ondřej Coufal
(production sound mixer,field recording, implementation)
m +420 604 141 115


NARUŠITEL (feature film, dir. David Balda, Czech Republic, 2019)

ISLAND OF LOST GIRLS (feature film, dir. Brian Schmidt, USA, 2019)


Sound Design - How do cats hear it?