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We offer the most effective solutions for make-up and special effects prosthetics, design, build and application for film, tv, and advertising.

Realistic silicone masks, and face/body appliances to turn the actor into the real character. Not scared of dramatic makeovers, from beauty into the beast and back.

Also available hair department with realistic front lace wig rental service, beards/mustaches application, bald caps.


Mikovcova 531/9
120 00 Prague
Czech Republic
+420 770 649 669


Stefano Sacchi
(Designer MakeUp Artist)
m +420 770 649 669


Underworld: Blood Wars (2016) – special effects realization

Max Mara (make-up for models)
b2yproductions.com (wigs)
FAMU (Karina Antipova) (sfx make-up)
Pražská filmová škola (Pavlina ADLEROVÁ) (sfx make-up)
astafilm.cz (make-up)
Emanuele Ruggero (director) (make-up)
BrandonBox (sfx make-up for commercial)
Unit + Sofa (make-up)