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Manoptic Studio


Our studio is focused on music production, music services. The vision is to create high quality products for our clients. We cooperate with professionals from another companies around Europe. The quality of our work is our sence. So welcome in Manoptic Studio. We create the sound.

The creative studio was founded by Rado Hrcka in Prague 2015. Our artists and producers are looking for original and creative experiences and new and exciting challenges, We are committed to high production values in all of our commercials, music videos and digital design content. We are a pro-active and positive team who want to work together with our clients.


Kloboukova 1263
148 00 Praha 11
Czech Republic
+420 722 572 013


Rado Hrcka
m +420 722 572 013



Apollo Games

Madeline Production

Invisible Bridge



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