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We are creative about ideas and passionate about executions. We serve a flexible range of production options, to meet your marketing needs. When high end motion pictures are overkill, we create video content perfect for social media and sharing. Or, we are able to deliver film / advertising standards when your project requires a premium quality. Representing young talents across the board, we provide high level production services for advertising and feature films. Contact us for talents reel or a bid.


Masarykovo nábřeží 12
110 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic
+420 777 269 368


Ondrej Votocek
t +420 777 269 368
Giulio De Blasio
(film director)
m +420 604 279 049
Daniel Göringer
m +420 734 755 288
Jan Houdek
(creative director)
m Tel.: +420 604 444 155


Skittles, Nike, Wilkinson, DDB Prague