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Pokrok Studios


New spaces, new possibilities! Luxury in central Prague, outstandingly priced!

A unique opportunity to shoot, edit, add special effects and sound to your picture in one place!

The Pokrok Studios are today one of the most prominent post-production companies centered on the most demanding clients from the ranks of prestigious advertising agencies.

Apart from these services we offer cooperation to movie and television companies and work on various television programs for both public and private TV channels.

Technical handling by awarded professionals, e.g. by Czech Lions, longstanding experience in advertising, themes creation, TV programs, music videos and full-length pictures.

  • off-line editing with AVID Media Composer, on-line station AVID DS, graphic stations for 3D/2D, new modern sound station, Digidesign ProTools, complete post-production services, modern studios for various usage refreshments, internet, WIFI.


Chlumova 7
130 00 Praha 3
Czech Republic
+420 255 707 333


Inna Levian
(complete film and TV production service)
t +420 255 707 333
m +420 773 107 730
Simona Jánská
(stages, lighting equipment, cameras rental, video and audio postproduction)
t +420 255 707 333
m +420 602 777 546