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Vojtěch Votýpka


I graduated at FAMU as Master of Arts at cinematography department, before that, I had finished a Bachelor degree at same faculty. It all happend between 2009-2016. Even before, I finished a degree at nowadays FAMO film school between 2002-2004.

I am working in film and photo industry from 1998. I am used to work in international teams. I had spent a lot of time in videoproduction called Anifilm (Anifest), where i have done many short films and cartoons. From 2007 I was focused on documentaries, from 2009 on short fiction films. After finishing my studies I had settled in videoproduction company to rest and had been working there primarly as film and video rental and sales manager. I had been working there approximately from 2015-2018.

During last years I had focused to various activities: freelance activities at commercials and feature fictions, multicamera shooting, mixed formats editing, supervision, color grading, DIT, project managment. Shooting 16,35mm,2K, 4K, etc.


Na Kampě 7
118 00 Czech Republic
+420 776 288 205


Film skils:

Director of photography, 1st AC, 2nd AC, DIT, Loader, Gaffer, Grip, Editor, Production assistant, Interpreter/translator (Czech-English, English-Czech), Driver


  • experienced with classical 16mm and 35mm movie cameras (ARRI, MOVIECAM, AATON, BOLEX, etc.)
  • experienced with all known digital cinema and video cameras (ALEXA, RED 8K, SONY, CANON, PANASONIC)
  • experienced with MIRRORLESS and DSLR cameras (SONY, CANON, NIKON, PANASONIC etc.)
  • experienced with stabilization and grip (gimbals, dollies)