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Ximena Mrázková


I specialise in still photography, portraits for individuals, models, families, marketing for firms and special events, indoors/studio and exterios.

I speak English, Spanish and Czech fluently.

I’ve been working for over 10 years on photographic and media work. At first I worked in Spain at theater and in the film industry. I worked with independent filmmakers helping with light design, kit design, and still photography.

I am fascinated by all new digital technologies and their endless possibilities to create new ones visual effects in photography, video and cinema. As a photographer I am well acquainted with Photoshop, Lightroom, and other photo editing programs.
In the last few months I have learned to use Nuke (Non-Commercial Nuke 11.3v2) on post-production and graphic editing of the film because I’m interested.

I opened my own photography studio here in Czech Republic in 2012 and founded Simply Arts Photography.



Dubová 919
25262 Horoměřice
Czech Republic
+420 777 716 769


Ximena Mrázková
(Photographer )
m +420 777 716 769