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Zinga Films


Zinga films was founded by Xoaher Musavvir and Inga Kempe. Xoaher has shot more than 15 shorts and has worked in commercials for two years. Inga has a background in theatre and screenwriting and has been working in production and as assistant director. She has directed and produced 6 short films. We are available as a team or individual crew memebers. Xoaher as cinematographer, AC, operator and Inga as director, AD, DA.


Perucká 2522/1
120 00 Praha
Czech Republic
+420 776 715 517


Xoaher Musavvir
(camera, AC, operator)
m +420 776 715 517
Inga Kempe
(director, assistant director)
m +420 720 120 598



Xoaher Musavvir - Cinematography, Edit: Inga Kempe