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Ing. Juraj Kizák – ASTRAS


ASTRAS is a full service company with almost 20 years experience and positive references from the Bollywood, BBC and most of the Czech and Slovak TV stations. We have produced various types of domestic or international events starting from the EU Summit for the government agency and finishing with the film shooting backup in Caribbean islands. We can provide almost any technological “smart” solution operating mainly in 4 areas:

1. Rental of Camera equipment, Technology and Accessories, Technical Installation and Full Operation.

2. Full Coverage of the Events – the Video production, safe data transmission and storage. We are using Lighting, Sound and LED technology – Resolving all of your Technical Issues. Professional broadcasting HD, SD transfer SDI signal (4x), SFX Film Effects (besides nuclear and computer ones).

3. Tailor-made effect services: Reel fly person in 3D space – Levitation devices – Free fall (hydraulic brake) – Programmable high speed-reel for levitation – Other customized constructions based on needs and wishes of the client

4. Creation and maintenance of camera or other technical and electronic film devices enabling their remote use without cable or full automatization

ASTRAS has been recognized internationally for its professional approach, efficient and reliable solutions, and a stable skillful team of people (with appropriate education – electro-technicians, IT, engineering and product design) who are not familiar with the word „No“.


Šlikova 29
16900 Prague 6
Czech Republic
+420 722 828 293


Vladimír Biskupský
(Technical Director)
m +421 905 134 409,
Juraj Kizák
(Sales Manager)
m +420 722 828 293



Spidercam Man Flying

Spidercam ASTRAS for Bollywood: 42kg. Camera Arri Phantom High Speed. Head Movi XL. Cranes 4 x 200 tons, High 60m. Shooting Area/Space 100 x 100 x 60m.

Opening ceremony. Spidercam ASTRAS unique solution