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Prague Studios


Since the Velvet Revolution, the city of Prague has attracted a large number of international film productions. Unique locations, low production costs and a talented pool of creative labor has attracted such large number of overseas projects that local film infrastructure has found difficulty meeting the demand for stage space.

North of Prague’s center, a solution is being developed. Since 1999, hangars belonging to the former aircraft factory of Rudy Letov in Letnany, have been used for shooting feature films and commercials for both local and foreign clients. In autumn 2000, the stages were purchased by Prague Studios.

Fueled by the desire to provide top quality film studios and high end services at an affordable price, the Prague Studios were subject to extensive renovation – creating well equipped, up-to-date sound stages and production offices.


Toužimská 867
199 00 Praha 9
Czech Republic
+420 234 312 111


Oldřich Průša
(stage manager)
m +420 777 005 352
Jindřich Güttner
(general manager)
m +420 602 215 444