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Synergia Film


Film & TV production company based in Prague. Founded in 1992 as a follower of Kratky film Prague studio. Co-productions with EU countries, Canada, Mexico. Production services.


Konšelská 12
180 00 Praha 8
Czech Republic
+420 283 841 867
+420 775 271 482


Aleš Hudský
(executive producer)
t +420 283 841 867
m +420 775 271 482


past productions:

MILLS OF GOD – LANDSCAPE WITH THE IRON CURTAIN OR VANISHED VILLAGES OF BÖHMERWALD (line producer, docudrama, dir. Josef Císařovský, co-production with Germany – How expellation of German citizens from their homes in Böhmerwald and creation of the restricted area near the „Iron Curtain“ border led to changes of landscape and life in Böhmerwald; premiered in Prague, Vienna and Munich / 2015)

MISSING 1945 (line producer, docudrama, dir. Josef Císařovský, co-production with Czech Republic, Germany – Jarmila Čapková on the search of her husband, painter Josef Čapek who spent the World War II in the concentration camp in Bergen Belzen and dissapeared at the end of the war / released 2014)

CHRISTMAS MIRACLES (co-producer, feature film, dir. Lenka Kny – Christmas romance shot in co-production Czech Republic/Mexico/Slovakia on the locations of old Prague, Mexico City and Queretaro province, Mexico /2013)

GUNS, PUCKS, BEER AND DOGS (co-producer, dir. Jan Novák – docucomedy on how Czech ice-hockey stars served in the socialist army in the second part of the 20th century / 2013)

NO ESCAPE FROM THE SHADOWS (co-producer of a feature film supported by MEDIA Development / 2009)

LARGE (production supervision of CICEB/EC project – 10 feature short films shot by 25 young filmmakers from 25 EU countries / 2004)

FOREST WALKERS (dir. Ivan Vojnar, co-producer of a Czech, Slovak, French feature film, supported by Eurimages /2003)

VICTIMS AND MURDERERS (dir. Andrea Sedláčková, pre-production, Eurimages application of a Czech/French/Swiss feature film / 2001)

LONERS (dir. David Ondráček, development, pre-production of a Czech feature film, 2001) Managing director of Synergia Film Ales Hudsky has been working for McCann-Erickson and TBWA as a Head of TV production and an Agency TV Producer / 1995-1999)

THE FORTRESS (dir. Drahomira Vihanova, executive producer of a Czech/French feature film. Awarded by FIPRESCI Prize in San Sebastian 1994 / 1993)

LIFE AND EXTRAORDINARY ADVENTURES OF A SOLDIER IVAN CHONKIN (dir. Jiri Menzel, development and pre-production of a Czech/English/French/Russian feature film / 1993)

WHY HAVEL (dir. V.Jasny, M.Forman, executive producer of a Czech/Canadian full-length documentary /1990)

in development:

THE PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE BEATLES (dir. Petr Hledík, co-producer with Slovakia and potentially other EU countries. Co-Producer and Executive Producer of a full-length documentary on the life of an originally World War II photographer of Slovak origin Dežo Hoffmann who became the first official photographer of The Beatles and set up their visual identity. Interviews with Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Hofmann´s children. Supported by Slovak Film Fund. To apply for EURIMAGES. In development.)

LETTERS FROM ANTARCTICA (dir. Stanislav Donchev, co-producer with Bolgaria of a feature film awarded by SCRIPTTEASE 2016 for Teodora Vasileva script. In development.)

BROKEN BITS (dir. Maria Hemmleb and Antje Hubert including a soundtrack by Franz Danksagmüller, co-producer with Germany. Story of a composer collecting atmospheres, noises and sounds from abandoned buildings in Eastern Europe. A poetic documentary film and a journey into an almost forgotten world in the middle of Europe. In development.)

THE FIGHT FOR EUROPE (dir. Stefan Pannen, co-producer with Germany and Poland. The dramatic documentary is told from the POV of a fictitious horseback messenger, and depicts the negotiations of the powerful main players on and behind the scenes at Münster and Osnabrück. On the first Pan European peace negotiations. In development.)

THE AGE OF MAGIC(dir. Peter Krüger, co-producer with Belgian-Dutch-English producers. The film is based on the book ‘The Age of Magic’, written by the Nigerian writer and Bookerprizewinner Ben Okri and tells the story of a film crew that got stuck in a mysterious town. In development.)