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Target Pictures


Welcome to Target Pictures. We are an independent and creative production company that produces passionate and provocative content for ad agencies and their clients. We believe that no matter how, our mission is to express an idea with images. Therefore we are always looking forward to a good one.

Our devotion to our craft is reflected through each piece of our work. You’ll find examples of this on our site through samples of our work, our directors, dops and photographers that contribute with their experience to bring amazing dreams to life. And most importantly, our people, what they do and how they’ve contributed to making every piece we produce just great. We hope you will loose yourself on the next few pages and finally you will come to us, so together we can experience an amaziing adventure. We will make a film.


Na Zderaze 15
120 00 Praha 2
Czech Republic
+420 224 932 000
+420 602 373 571


Ondřej Ježek
(managing partner, executive producer)
t +420 224 932 000
m +420 602 373 571
Paulo Da Costa
(managing partner, executive producer)
t +420 224 932 000
m +420 724 229 524
Aleš Plíva
(head of production)
t +420 224 932 000
m +420 777 221 008
Linda Procházková
(production assistant)
m +420 606 369 407



Belief (Gambrinus), Birth (Prima CooL TV), Pitkin (Muller), Image (GE Money Bank), Blondýna (Muller), Cisla 1,2 (Hypernova), Dog (Orbit), Octopus (Pepsi), Porsche (X-Trade Brokers), Bars and Restaurants (Komet Film, Norway), Domácí žvýkání (Orbit), Friends (Winterfresh), Tiger and Dragon (Airwaves), Angel (Vodafone), Love (Kofola), Wind (Lexus)