Czech Film Fund

The Czech Film Fund is the central institution which provides support for filmmaking in the Czech Republic. The administration of the production incentives is just one task of the fund, whose mission is to foster and develop Czech film by supporting all stages of film production, distribution and promotion as well as domestic film festivals, publications, digitization of cinemas and the work of regional film offices.

Out of an annual operating budget of approximately 51 million euro, 30.8 million go to production incentives and 14.2 million to selective support.

The Czech Film Fund was established on 1. January 2013 by the new Act No. 496/2012 on Audiovisual Works and Support for Cinematography.

The Fund shall, in particular:
a) administer audiovisual charges, charges for broadcast advertising  and administrative fees in accordance with this Act;
b) maintain records in the audio/video sector;
c) provide and administer subsidies;
d) exercise ownership rights, including copyright and the ownership rights of performing artists, which pass to the state in accordance with another legal regulation;
e) exercise the audiovisual work producer rights that have passed to its legal predecessor in accordance with another legal regulation and the audio/video recording producer rights pertaining to it in accordance with another legal regulation;
f) grant the co-producer status in accordance with the Convention or under any other international agreement on co-production;
g) provide and administer film incentives,
h) perform activities defined by other legal regulations.

In 2017, the fund expanded to include the Czech Film Center and the Czech Film Commission. The focus of these two divisions lies mainly in the promotion and representation of Czech cinema and audiovisual industry abroad.