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We are the Czech Film Commission, filmmakers’ first contact with the Czech Republic. We’re here to introduce you to our country and those great locations, facilities and crews you keep hearing about. Please contact us. We speak Filmmaking.

Pavlína Žipková

Pavlína Žipková

pavlina (at) filmcommission.cz
+420 603 554 044

Pavlina is the National Film Commissioner and heads the Czech Film Commission. She represents the Czech Republic on international film festivals and trade fairs. In 2020 she has been elected the President of the European Film Commission Network (EUFCN).
Pavlina has 20 years of experience as a line producer and production manager. Her credits include the documentary feature Who Will Write Our History directed by Roberta Grossman and exec. produced by Nancy Spielberg; the 2008 film Blessed is the Match: The Life and Death of Hannah Senesh, shortlisted for an Academy Award; Pamela Mason Wagner’s documentary Joan of Arc; and Eli Roth’s horror film Hostel.

Jana Arora

Jana Arora

jana (at) filmcommission.cz
+420 778 543 290

Jana is in charge of Czech Film Commission articles and social media. She has experience in editing and writing on culture, tourism and natural medicine. Jana has been working as a copywriter for several years writing texts in Czech as well as in English for diverse formats including company website presentations and radio and TV spots.
Jana had worked as a literary agent representing foreign publishers and authors on Czech, Slovak and Slovene publishing markets. As a member of the team of the Organization Supporting the Integration of Minorities she worked on the project Living Library with the catchphrase „Don´t judge the book by its cover“.

Petra Marková

Petra Marková

currently on maternity leave

petra (at) filmcommission.cz

Petra is in charge of the communication with the regional film offices. She is the coordinator of our location tours, where the Czech Film Commission introduces filmmakers to unknown locations in the regions of the Czech Republic.
Petra has worked as a location manager and assistant on film and television projects such as The IllusionistHannibal RisingHenry IV, as well as Red Tails, produced by George Lucas. She also has extensive experience from an international consulting company, where she prepared bids for public tenders.