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VacekH – Jan Vacek


Prague based location sound recordist, production sound mixer and boom operator with many years of experience in the film and TV industry. Possesses a broad range of skills in the film, TV production, commercial, documentary, corporate, viral, broadcasting, event, and audio-visual sphere.

Operating a wide range of location sound equipment. Including Sound Devices, Cantar, Lectrosonics, Wisycom, Audio Ltd., Sennheiser, Schoeps and many more. Ready to roll with his own sound kits. Supplying a production mix, ISO tracks, and a daily detailed report, communicating fully with postproduction.


Czech Republic
+420 734 691 606



Největší dar (2020, boom operator)

Princezna zakletá v čase (2020, location sound recordist)

The Glass Room (2019, boom operator)

Krüger bleibt Kryger (2019, boom operator)

Léto s gentlemanem (2019, boom operator)

Brecht (2019, boom operator)

Deliverance: The Making of Kingdom Come (2018, location sound recordist, sound postproduction)

No Wave Back (2018, location sound recordist)

Domestik (2018, boom operator)

Kouzelník Žito (2018, boom operator)

Rübezahls Schatz (2017, boom operator)

Stomach of the World (2017, location sound recordist, sound postproduction)

Joseph (2015, short, location sound recordist, sound postproduction)

Woods (2015, short, boom operator)

Identita (2014, short, location sound recordist, sound postproduction)

Magda (2014, short, location sound recordist)

Strawberry jam (2014, short, location sound recordist)

The Rose (2012, short, location sound recordist)


Jak se točí pohádka (2020, sound postproduction)

Tři poldové a nemluvně (2019, location sound recordist)

Jak si nepodělat život – Non–stop lahůdky (2019, boom operator)

The Little Drummer Girl (2018, BTS/EPK sound recordist)

13. komnata (2018, location sound recordist)

Specialisté (2017-2018, boom operator)

Mordparta (2016, boom operator)

Nedej se – Josefovské louky (2014, location sound recordist)

Gympl s (r)učením omezeným (2012, boom operator)


Louda Auto (2019, location sound recordist) – Mám to na Koháku (2018/2019, location sound recordist) (2018, location sound recordist)

Rexona – Sponzoring Stardance (2013, location sound recordist, sound postproduction)


One Man Show – 1/10 (2018, location sound recordist)

One Man Show – Prostřeno (2017, location sound recordist)

Figaro – Prekvapenie v podzemnej garáži (2014, location sound recordist, sound postproduction)

Marks & Spencer – Talking fridge (2013, location sound recordist, sound postproduction)