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Kamil Novák


Full-service casting

I can provide cast of the following from my own database:

  • main leading roles
  • secondary roles
  • episodes
  • special skills episode roles (musicians, dancers, fencers, sportsmen, etc…)
  • special looking people for episode roles (dwarfs, tall people, people with tattoos, dreds, long hair, short hair, very skinny people, obese people, ill looking people, etc..)
  • featured extras
  • extras (individuals / crowd scenes)
  • children of all ages
  • ethnics
  • doubles
  • stand-ins

Possible street casting if necessary.

I can organize castings, auditions and camera tests recorded on DVD, JPG or professional cards.

After you choose your cast, then I can prepare costume fittings.

During filming I am able to provide coordinators for extras.


Janýrova 3227/1
100 00 Praha 10
Czech Republic
+420 721 593 379