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FZG Studio


FZG Studio offers space for filming movies, commercials, visual effects, music videos. We are ready to service both, large productions as well as “small” movie enthusiasts. – Our motto: Nobody is too big for us, no one is too small for us.

Our stages:

BIG stage: 24x24x10 meters, height 10 meters
GREEN stage (U-shaped): 12x24x12 meters, height 5-8 meters – CYCLORAMA
WHITE (L-shaped): 12×6 meters, height 5 meters – CYCLORAMA (white floor 12×8 meters)
BLACK 6×6 meters

Background facilities(300 m2): recording studio, meeting rooms, dining room, kitchen
Outdoor area: parking, paved areas, outdoor seating, swimming pool 15 x 12 meters

Set construction, catering and other services

The studio is equipped with a 10m taxiway and suspended pantographs with up to 50kg (for hanging lights, scatter, butterfly and other objects – it is also possible to hang the camera on Top Shot), each pantograph is fitted with a 3kW dimmer. Light intensity can be programmed on the timeline until it is fully shut down. Pantographs can be combined into groups, making it so easy and fast to change Set-Up, Rotate Intensity, etc. The studio features many accessories – tripods, reflective plates, scatters, fog lights, treadmills, aquariums, butterfly, cameras, lenses , but also a lot of props and equipment for building backdrops.

Complete information about the FZG Film Studio can be found on our website

Floor plan
Camera and grip list
Lighting equipment


Dolní Kasárna
250 67 Zdiby
Czech Republic
+420 773 940 066
+420 775 852 501


Tomáš Rosa
m +420 775 852 501
Martin Rosa
m +420 773 940 066



Studio tech specs

FZG Studio demo (one long shot "all in one")