The Czech Republic has four distinct seasons. Winter begins in November, bringing snow to the mountains and sometimes in the major cities and lowlands. Spring usually arrives in April, with flowering trees and bushes everywhere. Summer can be pleasantly hot with frequent rain, making the countryside green and lush. Autumn is classic European harvest time, with cold weather returning in October.

Temperatures and precipitation can vary, depending on elevation. Summer temperatures average around 25° C (77° F) but temperatures over 30° C are not rare. Winter temperatures hover at or just above freezing. June is the wettest month — 67.6 mm ( 2.7 inches) of rainfall — February the driest. On the longest day of the year, June 21, we have more than 16 hours of sunlight. Our shortest day, December 21, is about 8 hours long.

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Temperature (average rates)


Sunlight and daylight

Month Sunrise a.m. Sunset p.m. Sunlight hrs/day 2016 sunshine hrs/day
January 7:56 4:28 1h 23min 8h 32min
February 7:14 5:19 2h 56min 10h 05min
March 6:15 6:08 5h 10min 11h 52min
April 6:09 7:57 6h 19min 13h 48min
May 5:16 8:41 6h 01min 15h 27min
June 4:52 9:14 7h 06min 16h 22min
July 5:10 9:06 7h 31min 15h 56min
August 5:52 8:20 6h 37min 14h 28min
September 6:39 7:15 5h 15min 12h 37min
October 7:25 6:10 3h 33min 10h 45min
November 7:16 4:18 1h 44min 9h 01min
December 7:55 4:00 1h 21min 8h 05min
Listed times are on the 15ht of each month 2010 – 2015 average rates Listed times are on the 15ht of each month