Film industry

The Czech film industry dates back to the earliest days of cinematography. The first local feature was shot here in 1896. The first film studios in Czechoslovakia opened in 1931, turning Prague into a one of the leading production facilities on the European continent.

In recent decades, the Czech Republic has experienced a boom in international productions, giving Czech film crews opportunity to learn from the the world’s leading cinematographers, directors and producers.

Czech skills are up to date. In addition to the many international productions that shoot here each year, the local film industry produces regularly about 60 domestic features and full-length documentaries each year.

Thanks to the high volume of film production in the Czech Republic, local film production companies are highly experienced and enjoy advantageous relationships with local talent and suppliers.

Working with local partners makes your production simpler. Czech producers and production service providers are experts in accessing Czech and European support programs, obtaining filming permits and in fulfilling the various tax and legal requirements international productions face.

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