Canone inverso

Italy (2000)

Directed by Ricky Tognazzi

Starring Hans Matheson, Melanie Thierry, Gabriel Byrne, Ricky Tognazzi

Der Todeszug

Germany (1999)

Directed by Jörg Lühdorff

Starring Jörg Schüttauf, Claudia Michelsen, Frank Röth, Denise Zich

Dungeons & Dragons

USA, Czech Republic (2000)

Directed by Courtney Solomon

Starring Jeremy Irons, Bruce Payne, Thora Birch

Joan of Arc

Canada (1999)

Directed by Christian Duguay

Starring Leelee Sobieski, Powers Boothe, Jacqueline Bisset, Peter O'Toole

Les Fleurs d’Harrison

France (2000)

Directed by Elie Chouraqui

Starring Andie MacDowell, Adrien Brody, Brendan Gleeson, Elias Koteas

Oliver Twist

UK (1999)

Directed by Renny Rye

Starring Sam Smith, David Ross, Keira Knightley

Rembrandt: Fathers & Sons

Canada, Czech Republic (1999)

Directed by David Devine

Starring Tom McCamus, Mitchell David Rothpan, Kari Matchett

Seven Days to Live

Germany, Czech Republic, USA (2000)

Directed by Sebastian Niemann

Starring Nick Brimble, Renee Ackermann, Amanda Plummer


UK (1999)

Directed by Peter Kosminsky

Starring Matthew MacFadyen, Cal Macaninch, Damian Lewis