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ATHANOR – Film production company was founded with an idea of producing independent and non-commercial works. Since 1992 ATHANOR has produced or co-produced especially Jan Švankmajer`s films and exhibitions, but the company is also open to other filmmakers. The company`s studios are located in Knovíz (a village 25 km northwest of Prague). The studios have their own technical equipment, ensuring that they are self-sufficient except for laboratories and film sound system. This is one of factors which guarantees its independence.


U 5. baterie 21
162 00 Praha 6
Czech Republic
+420 233 322 905


Jaromír Kallista
(producer, company representative)
t +420 233 322 905
m +420 602 270 836 – only Czech speaking
Jan Švankmajer
(artist, film director, company representative)
t +420 233 322 905
Pavla Kallistová
(office and production manager - English, French, Italian, Russian speaking)
t +420 233 322 905
m +420 603 499 828


ALCHYMICKÁ PEC (dir. Jan Daňhel a Adam Oĺha, 2020)

HMYZ/INSECT (dir. Jan Švankmajer, Czech Rep., 2018)

PREZIT SVUJ ZIVOT (dir. Jan Švankmajer, Czech Rep., 2010)

LUNACY (dir. Jan Švankmajer, coproduction with Slovak Rep. – C-GA Film, 2005)

OTESANEK (dir. Jan Švankmajer, coproduction with GB – Channel Four, 2000)

CONSPIRATORS OF PLEASURE (dir. Jan Švankmajer, Czech Rep., 1996)

FAUST (dir. Jan Švankmajer, coproduction with France – Lumen Film, GB -Channel Four, Germany – Pandora Film, 1994)

THE DEATH IN STALINISM IN BOHEMIA (dir. Jan Švankmajer, coproduction with GB – BBC, 1990)

MEAT (1989)

ALICE (Switzerland – Condor film, GB – Channel Four, Germany – Hessische Rundfunk, 1987)