Czech studios and backlots let producers build and control any kind of environment. Many visiting filmmakers choose Prague stages for all-inclusive shoots, giving them easy access to the city.

Prague offers a great choice of stages close to downtown. Whether your production requires a water tank, an enormous backlot that allows for 360-degree shooting, an empty warehouse or just a small studio for a photo shoot, you can find a production facility in Prague to fit your budget.

Local equipment suppliers can provide you with all manner of lenses and cameras (35 mm and 16 mm, digital and HD, even underwater units), lighting, grips, dollies, cranes and tracks. Leading equipment suppliers such as Arri, Vantage, Panther, Panavision and Panalux have offices in Prague, as do local suppliers of Kodak and Fuji film stock.

Producers can source locally all the portable generators, production vans, make-up trailers, and the trucks and personnel to get all the equipment to the location and back safely. We also have fleets of star trailers of the highest quality to keep your A-list cast comfortable on location.

Czech post-production facilities are as modern as those you’ll find anywhere and deliver award-winning results. In addition to providing dailies and digital transfer for productions on location, local post facilities have high-end editing suites – both digital linear and non-linear.

Czech 3D and 2D animation is state-of-the-art. Our CGI people can add any visual effects you chose not to capture on film.

Czech sound engineers are accustomed to recording live sound on location. Local studios and recording facilities offer complete sound processing, from composition to recording to mastering.

If you’re looking for Czech facilities for your production, please contact us or see our industry directory.