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Cinebonbon Studio


We focus on the exceptional ideas that fit a screen of any size. From feature films to creative commercials, from TV series to animation projects and motion graphics.

While developing and producing, we pay attention to the strong narratives, global innovations, technologies, and design.

The Cinebonbon production offers an experienced team of professionals, technical background and good post-production facilities.

Founded in 2006, we oscillate on the axis of Brno – Vienna – Zlín – Prague.


Rybkova 23
60200 Brno
Czech Republic
+420 739 524 562


Lukas Gargulak
t +420 604 208 419
Alexandra Balastikova
(production manager)
t +420 776 052 649
Karolina Zalabakova
(Creative Producer)
t +420 739 524 562


Batalives, ABB, VP Carbon Luggage, Mendel Kombat, Aleš Báry…