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Duracfilm is a film production company, established in 2003, focusing on creative documentaries, member of the Czech Audiovisual Producers’ Association APA. 2005-2012 the company produced short TV documentaries from film festivals. In the last years, Duracfilm finished two feature documentary films: „In Sight“, a film essay about classical and postmodern supervision mechanisms, and „Tripoint“, a social-poetic portrait of the easternmost village in the Czech Republic.

Duracfilm co-produces a Slovak feature fiction film by Jaro Vojtek, „Children“. One documentary film is in production – „An Arts Detective Story“ by Andrea Culkova – as part of a bigger cultural project RYKR consisting of exhibitions and an electronic interactive book. Two feature documentaries are in development – „Black Light Theatre“ of Jiri Srnec by Saimir Bajo and „Good bye Cambodia“ by Aneta Berankova. There is also a TV serial of 8 documentaries of 26 minutes in development about important phenomena of contemporary Czech alternative theatre.


Primátorská 1009/45
180 00 Praha 8
Czech Republic
+420 602 591 854


GRIEF / ŽAL ŽEN (dir. Andrea Culková, 2020)

CHILDREN (dir. Jaroslav Vojtek, 2014)