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Linda Chudomelová


Beauty makeup artist and hairstylist for TV, print, runway, commercial event and red carpet – photo and video – since 2012. Experience with film and continuity mostly as an assistant, as a key in a limited capacity. Basic SFX.


198 00 Praha
Czech Republic
+420 777 300 019


Ulice (TV Nova – TV show)

Sousedé (TV Barrandov – TV show)

Bezdružice (TV Barrandov – TV show)

Various music videos (Karolina Gudasova, Liveevil, BekOfis, Anet Antošová) and commercial (Bushman, Entropiq, Dr. Witt, AirJobs, Pure Coco, Robotic Spider Dress [Anouk Wipprecht])