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Databáze kontaktů

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MFA Pavel Matousek


Still Photography, Documentary, Location scouting, digital or 35mm and medium format

Master of Fine Arts Degree freelance Photographer

Currently based in Prague, years of experience on international assignments and working with video teams

Expert knowledge of northern-Bohemia region (Sudetenland – Sudety)

Creating high-quality authentic assets for virtual locations and experiences for Volumetric Filmmaking: https://pavelmatousek.cz/fotogrammetrie/


Czech Republic
+420 721 670 978


The Caring World – commissioned by Johnson & Johnson US 2015-2018 https://pavelmatousek.cz/the-caring-world-documentary

Ladakh & Zanskar scouting locations in India Himalayan region https://pavelmatousek.cz/ladakh-zanskar-scouting